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Sainyugu Lolokote

Gatab, Kenya


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" I am currently in third year of my undergraduate studies. The entire course take a period of five years. Academic year is in trimesters, the third  trimester is for field practice. The faculty requires students to carry out projects in any of the areas interested which is submitted in the start of the final year."

My expectations

" I must admit that warm and good interaction with vets from Europe had since my encounter with them created great desire in me to travel to Europe one time. The fact that vet practice in Kenya is still not well developed I have always had interest to go to Europe where vets practice is much developed. My expectations are many, I look forward to appreciate diversity in language, food, systems of government, climate, social life, economic status and most importantly education system especially in veterinary medicine. This is a rare opportunity, I´m feeling it will add value to my life especially passion for my profession."

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