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Veterináři bez hranic ČR, o.p.s.; Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Tchéquie

Seeking Refuge Together

The Seeking Refuge Together project is an immediate response to the war in Ukraine.


War brings suffering not only to humans but also to animals. Although many people are forced to leave their animals behind in an effort to save their own lives, many flee together with their four-legged companions. The state veterinary administration has relaxed the entry conditions to the Czech Republic for dogs, cats and ferrets, however, these animals must visit a veterinarian within 72 hours of arrival and, if necessary, they must be given a microchip and / or rabies vaccine. Some animals will also require veterinary care due to their pre-existing or emerging health complications, in many cases related to stress caused by the war and long journey. It can also be a big problem for people fleeing the war to provide their dog or cat with quality food or pet supplies. The financial complexity of caring for an animal can discourage many owners from taking their four-legged companion with them, which will bring even more stress to both. Our organization therefore offers financial assistance to citizens of Ukraine who come to the Czech Republic with their dogs and cats who need to pay for veterinary care, feeding or basic pet supplies. This is just one way we can live up to the motto of Vétérinaires sans Frontières around the world, which reads Healthy animals - healthy people.


Pet owners coming to the Czech Republic may find all important information on our new web




Who is the aid for?

All citizens of Ukraine who have refugee status and come to the territory of the Czech Republic with a dog or cat.


What form of assistance do we provide?

We will pay the invoice for veterinary treatment, intervention or medication issued by a veterinarian. We will order and pay for food or pet care needs and have them delivered to the address provided by the applicant.


Where can I ask for this help?

We provide assistance throughout the Czech Republic. Ideally, please fill out the application (pdf) Zadost PrSp (185,21kB) and send it to us together with a copy of the confirmation of a special visa for refugees by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Alternatively, contact our coordinator Mgr. Lucie Hanáková on the telephone number +420 776 469 986


How will I receive the food for my dog/cat?

We will select the food, pay for the order and have the consignment delivered to the address of your choice. We will therefore need the contact details (address, telephone) of the person who will receive the package.


Can you help me find a veterinarian to treat my pet?

Yes, our volunteer network can help you find a veterinarian you can visit for your pet. In some areas, we can also arrange the direct assistance of volunteers including veterinary medical students and help, for example, with translation in communication with a veterinarian, home care, etc.


What if my dog ​​/ cat needs a special diet?

When requesting payment for feeding, please inform us about any allergies or known diseases so that we can choose the right food.


Is the aid also intended for animals that come to the Czech Republic from Ukraine without an owner?

Our help is directed primarily to dogs and cats who came to our territory with their owners. Vétérinaires sans Frontières help people around the world by helping animals. We also do not target shelters in Ukraine. Other organizations in CZ such as Svoboda zvířatext, Vegan Fighter,ext PesWebext, Pomoc zvířatům UA, or the Společnost pro zvířataext already deal with this activity.


Is there a possibility of free treatment for the dog / cat at the vet?

The Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons of the Czech Republic has prepared a database of veterinarians providing their services to the pets of Ukrainian refugees for free. You can find it hereext.


How can I help you?

You can help us by sending any amount through Darujme.czext


Flyers to download

(pdf) Flyer ENG (1772,53kB) (pdf) Flyer UA (1801,75kB) (pdf) Flyer CZ (1774,22kB)


Contact person

Mgr. Lucie Hanáková

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

phone: +420 776 469 986


Stories of help:


So far, we have helped to 68 owners and their pets. Here are just a few cases.


Japanese chin Fania needed eye surgery which was performed at AA-Vet clinic in Prague.



Labrador retriever Terra came to the Training veterinary clinic at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague when her health condition suddenly worsened between the first and second obligatory clinical examination after arriving to the Czech Republic Her owners did not hesitate and contacted the veterinarian immediately!



An absces appeared on a leg of Archie, the pinscher. Surgical intervention was needed.


This cat Elsa had a bad accident and after a colision with a car, she ended up with her mandible fractured and further skull injuries. Thanks to our project she could receive apropriate care.


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